Art Craft Festivals of India

The art and craft industry in India is thriving at a faster pace. There are various art craft festivals that are organized here. These festivals are a part of the celebration of Indian art, craft, and creativity. It is the perfect time to collect art and craft supplies, buy art and craft products and participate in art and craft activities. Some of the important events of the season are listed below.

Ganesh Chaturthi (January): This festival is one of the major events of the Indian calendar. It falls on the day of Shravan and is dedicated to Goddess Ganesh. It is one of the main festivals in northern India. Some of the important events related to the festival include puppet plays, snakes and ladders show, dance performances, and traditional cultural programs. It is a good opportunity to know more about the culture and traditions of the region.

Saraswatarishtami (March): This is the birthday festival of Lord Brahma, the creator of the world. It is one of the eight important Hindu festivals. A number of art and craft products are sold in and around the region. One of the major events of the season is the puppet play and the puppet shows.

Diwali (ovalay): Also known as Dhanteras, is generally celebrated on the final day of Magh (January) to celebrate the victory of good over evil. It is a major festival of Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent. Diwali celebrations last for a week and are associated with a number of rituals, games, and social gatherings. One of the major events of the season is the processions which start early in the morning and continue till late at night.

Anandimukha: This is the grand festival of colors when people pay a visit to several holy places. The most popular destination for this is Laxmi Vilas Raschitham in Orissa. Several art crafts and other handicrafts are sold in and around the region during and after the festival.

Mahabaleshwar: This is the second major festival of India to be held in the month of February. It is the largest and most colorful of all the regional festivals. It celebrates the grand arrival of the new year. There are a number of art crafts being sold in and around the region. There is a great atmosphere for artistic activity during this period.

Kanyakumari: This is the month of September and is renowned for handicrafts and art crafts. It is a time for people from all over Kerala to come to the regional center and earn some money by selling their products. There are a number of artists who showcase their work during this time. Most of the artists sell their work during the daytime while a few sell it on the weekends. There are a number of art crafts stalls available where buyers can purchase a variety of things.

Thiruvallam: This is an important festival in Kerala that falls in the month of October. It is dedicated to Lord Karthikeyan, the patron deity of Kerala. The most notable art crafts being sold during this festival include figurines of Deva, elephants, rivers, and lotus. Local craftsmen sell their products at these stalls along with their handmade gift items.

Kumarakom: This is the month of November and is known as Art Craft Festival. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the majority of the tribal people of Kerala. This festival includes a number of art crafts such as clay modeling, painting, sculpting, embroidery, jewelry, and a host of others. The best part of this festival is that the whole process is done away within the open and the entire village is decorated with traditional clothes and decorative items.

Idduki Arts Festival: This is the grand celebration that is organized to celebrate the talent and skill of the local artists. This festival celebrates the talent of the children and the skills and masterpieces of the adults. There is an all-out affair that is celebrated with great zeal and fanfare. It includes local art crafts, live music, dance, poetry, and other traditional activities. All the artists display their work in the form of jewelry, dolls, pottery, and other decorative items.

Chinnar Art Festival: This is an important event that takes place in Kerala. The most notable fact about this festival is that it is held in two parts namely South and Central Kerala. The South Kerala region is characterized by its culture, whereas the Central region is well known for its beaches and backwaters. All the art crafts of these regions are displayed in an exhibition that attracts tourists from far and wide.